Service and Hygiene

Our food safety policy

  • We provide all kinds of technical equipment and support to create the awareness of quality and safe food preparation in hygienic environments in all employees.
  • We are constantly conducting R&D studies to ensure that our guests leave more satisfied than the previous one after each visit.
  • We are improving together with our employees by targeting the better through planned training programs.
  • We fulfill our obligations to society and the environment.
  • As we improve ourselves, we also ensure that our suppliers improve as well.
  • As soon as we get the feedback of our guests, we take all kinds of actions.

In order to ensure you consume quality and safe food,

1- Our supplier selection

We not only audit our food producers but also our suppliers from whom we buy the materials we use in food preparation and presentation. Before starting to work with our producers and suppliers, we audit them and work with producers and suppliers whose audit scores meet internationally accepted standards. The audits are carried out by food engineer ( who is also the chief auditor) and veterinarians, and we repeat this audit every year. We prefer halal certified domestic producers.

2- Our product controls

We ensure that the products from our producers are offered to our guests safely and freshly by performing the necessary controls and analysis before accepting them to our warehouses and kitchens.

3- Controls of the products you have ordered

We 24/7 monitor all our processes to ensure food safety. We constantly control all of our critical processes in digital environment, such as keeping at the right temperatures, cooking with the right techniques, preparing as much as ordered to be fresh, and a hygienic environment. Thus, we ensure that our clean and healthy menus are consumed in hygienic environments.

4- Not only the experts but also you can control

You can watch our kitchen from the glass partition, behind the counter or from the kitchen entrance door at any time, so you can see the quality, cleanliness and product preparation on site.

5- Our Certificates

In addition to our internal audits, we are also audited and certified by independent external companies at certain periods. We obtain all the quality certificates required by the sector, and we manage all our processes according to internationally accepted systems. 6-Service

We welcome our guests with our hospitable staff in all our restaurants. Thanks to our experienced and cheerful staff, we guarantee that you will consume your meals with peace of mind and pleasure.

Cleaning processes, which we always care about,

  • Our employees start work after getting the necessary hand-on training on hygiene and occupational safety given by expert trainers.
  • Health checks of our employees are made every day at the beginning of the shift.
  • Our employees wear clean and ironed work clothes in every shift.
  • Our employees enter the production and service areas by disinfecting their shoes / slippers.
  • In addition to work clothes, our employees wear gloves, masks, face shields, and armbands.
  • Our employees wash and disinfect their hands every 30 minutes and as needed.
  • Our employees work by obeying the social distance rules.
  • Areas used by our customers are cleaned and disinfected before and after each use.
  • Detailed cleaning-disinfection procedures are carried out in our restaurants at the beginning of the work, during the day and at the end of the work.
  • The development of bacteria / virus is prevented by controlling the product shipping, storage and cooking temperatures.
  • Restaurants are constantly audited by independent external companies.