COSS with the White Collar Campaign
  • The campaign is valid only on weekdays.
  • The campaign is valid only in our restaurants.
  • In order to benefit from the White Collar Campaign, a meal card (Multinet, Sodexo, Setcard, Ticket, Metropol Card) must be presented. When required, restaurant personnel may ask you to show your company employee ID card.
  • In order to benefit from the discount, the  customer must download  and  install  the Baydöner App from Google Play or App Store,  signed up and enter the activation code. Activation shall be made with the "White Collar" campaign code given by the restaurant personnel. During the order, the customer must inform the personnel that he/she desires to benefit from the "White Collar" campaign. (During the process, the restaurant personnel may ask you to present your meal card to confirm that you can benefit from the "White Collar" campaign.) After the activation is made, menu coupons will be uploaded in the wallet section of the app. A user can only order one menu at a time. The coupons earned within the scope of the campaign cannot be used by  or transferred to another person.
  • Customers can buy Iskender portions as “atom, with seperate yoghurt or without yoghurt”   with an additional payment of  ₺1,  as  “Half Iskender” with an additional payment of ₺8 and as “Double Iskender” with an additional payment of ₺10.
  • The "White Collar" campaign is not valid on public holidays, special days, religious holidays (during break feast hours of the month of Ramadan).
  • Restaurants where the campaign is not valid; Mark Antalya, Ankara Gordion, Margi Edirne, Akyaka (modern east), Arena Park, Viaport Venezia, Bursa City Square, Iyas Isparta, Alanya Street, Manavgat Novada, Uşak Street, Manisa Magnesia, Kuşadası Street, Kızılay AVM, Bulvar Samsun, Samsun Piazza, Forum Trabzon, Ordu Novada, Forum Kayseri, Kadıköy Historical Bazaar, Mall of Istanbul, Samsun City Mall, Hilltown Karşıyaka, İzmir Mavibahçe, Sivas Primemall, Vega İstanbul, Cizre Park.
  • Baydöner reserves the right to change the terms of the campaign.

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